Black Mold Symptoms

Black Mold Symptoms:

Allergic reactions to mold are the most common health effects and risks of mold. Mold allergy symptoms and signs include;

  • runny nose,
  • itchy eyes,
  • coughing,
  • wheezing,
  • redness of the eyes,
  • watery eyes,
  • rash and
  • the best way to prevent mold in residential areas is the control of moisture

These are sure signs of the toxic, poisonous mold; for example, moisture on surfaces, stains on the walls, odors, respiratory congestion in the people and poisoning due to mold. No doubt, the removal of toxic mold is a major problem. There are certain common symptoms of black mold poisoning. A headache is a common symptom, which occurs quite due to the poisonous mold in the environment in which you are living. If you work and sit in such an environment, you might suffer from an extreme headache. Your body shows that it is trying to fight off the spores from entering the germs into your system.

Having watery eyes and itchy throat are also a couple of symptoms. The worse issue is that these two problems go side by side. When you have water in your eyes, you automatically suffer from throat itching too. This symptom is a very common one.

Black toxic mold might also cause excessive coughing and mucus. When these black molds are present in your environment, and if you are allergic from mold spores, you expected to suffer from a lot of coughing and mucus. These molds cause coughing, throat itching and lungs irritation. Hence, there is more mucus in your body.

Sometimes, when lungs get irritated because of black mold, they start bleeding. This is considered as one of the most severe symptoms. This happens in the system when you are staying in the poisonous mold environment for a long time. When your lungs get irritated, there is a lot of damage caused by the bleeding which starts later on. This causes extreme damage to the lungs. In this case, it is necessary to consult an excellent doctor.

For the removal of black mold, there are many organic mold removers available in the market. They are also nature-friendly and kill not only the mold but also block its later growth.

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