Water Extraction Process

Water Damage Extraction How To Guide

Water extraction from flooding of your home is a serious problem. It can affect the structural integrity of the property and at the same time, it can actually damage various goods in the rooms which are affected. Using professional help is one of the best things that can be done to ensure that the house is restored back to the pre-water damage condition. Here are the three steps of water damage clean up that is to be used by any professional service provider:

  1. Removal of Water

If there is standing water in the rooms, the water needs to be extracted out. It also includes the removal of material which can hold water. Such things generally include sheet-rock, carpet pad, insulation etc. A professional company will make use of the proper equipment as well as the necessary manpower to handle such situations of standing water extraction as well as removal of other material which can hold water. This phase must be quickly completed because longer the water stands, more is the damage caused. So, as soon as you find that water has accumulated, you need to immediately call for professional help without delay. The completion of this phase will start the second phase of the cleanup process.

The Actual Water Extraction Process

  1. Drying Job

Removal of water is not everything. The area affected needs to be cleaned and dried. How? This can be achieved by using dehumidifiers as well as air movers. Dehumidifiers are used to generate air which is super dry. This air is then directed using air movers. Air movers are extremely powerful machines which help in drawing out the moisture from the structural materials. The dehumidifiers can actually prevent any further damage being caused to the areas which were affected by water accumulation. The problem with high moisture levels is that the air can cause peeling of the paints, building materials can wrap and also, molds can grow. It is therefore very important to dry the structural materials which are wet and also removing excess moisture present in the air is very crucial so that the damage can be contained without causing further loss.

  1. Repair Work

Finally, repair work comes in. After the whole structure is dried using the special equipment, the final stage of repairing comes in. in general, the water damage clean-up companies will remove the cove base or baseboards as well as the drilled holes present along wall bottom so that the wall cavities cab dry quickly. Carpets and pads need to be repaired and if necessary, sheet-rock broken, shagged or damaged need to be repaired. Those things which are completely damaged need to be replaced. These things generally include insulation, wooden floors etc. In general, the contractors whom you hire for water damage clean up services can also offer you the repair services.

The next step is to ensure that the proper disinfection is carried out. This will require using the right kind of chemicals which can kill bacteria and viruses and at the same time the molds are not allowed to show up and grow. This will keep you and your family healthy.

Finally, you need to evaluate everything that has been done and if you are not satisfied with something, you must ask the professionals to redo!

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